Restaurant Schatteman - Home


We are delighted to welcome you
at our Restaurant Schatteman
located in the middle of the Hertsberge Woods,
a green, relaxing area
with an easy access from all motorways.

Gregory is devoted to the seasonal cuisine
and shows deep respect for each product.
His expertise culminates in refined dishes
full of intense flavours.
Marieke takes great care of the wines
accompanying Gregory’s culinary creations.
Our wine list suggests a fine selection
of wines in all styles and prices.
The matching wines exude
as well originality as quality.

Our team and us reserve you a warm welcome
in the pleasant
setting of the former Restaurant Manderley
which we redecorated with modern, figurative,
Flemish work of art from the sixties up to now.

We also have a private parlour at your disposal
and when the weather is fine, you can enjoy
the relaxing, peaceful atmosphere on our terrace.
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